Developed by Redefine Properties Limited and Abland:

Redefine Properties Limited

Redefine Properties Limited (Redefine) is a South African-based Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). Our primary goal is to grow and improve cash flow to deliver quality earnings, which will underpin growth and sustained value creation for all stakeholders. We are anchored by a high-quality, diverse property asset platform. Our local portfolio is complemented by our retail and logistics property investments in Poland. Our purpose is to create and manage spaces in a way that changes lives, which requires more than a business-as-usual approach – it requires an integrated approach to sustain value creation for all stakeholders. We are listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). By volume, Redefine shares are among the most actively traded on the JSE, making it a highly liquid single-entry point for investors to gain exposure to local and Polish real estate markets.


For Abland it is all about understanding the power of space. For over 30 years Abland Property Developers have been at the forefront of creating groundbreaking spaces for businesses across South Africa. With a focused approach on developing space for commercial, retail, industrial, motor and mixed-use precincts they are consistently shaping the South African landscape for the better.

Mixed-use developments, better known as precincts, might be a fairly new concept in the South African industry, but for Abland it’s one that they have been mastering for a number of years. The idea of creating spaces where one’s work life integrates seamlessly with one’s lifestyle is something that has led Abland to look at property development in a more holistic way. This starts by identifying land that’s not only attractive from an investment point of view but also ideally positioned to live up to consumer demands. Transport, accessibility, active lifestyles, green environments, sustainable buildings and connectivity to retail environments are just some of the key elements that they would look at to accompany a development with P-grade office space as its core.

In proud association with the city of Ekurhuleni:

City of Ekurhuleni

The City of Ekurhuleni is a city focussed on strengthening social cohesion and the pursuit of prosperity – for all its residents. Pronounced ‘e-koo-roo-le-ni’, Ekurhuleni is a Tsonga word meaning ‘place of peace’. It is a city where you can live, work and play. It is a city of the future. Home to approximately 3.4 million people it is commonly referred to as the manufacturing hub of the country. But there is much more to this developing city. As Africa’s first Aerotropolis, the City of Ekurhuleni is filled with over 238 lakes and dams, world-class casinos and entertainment centres, as well as premium lifestyle estates and world-class golf courses.

The city is also home to OR Tambo International Airport, the busiest airport in Africa, serving the entire continent and linking to major cities across the globe. Many of the world’s leading airlines fly into the airport. Supporting this is a network of roads, rail lines, telephone, electricity and telecommunication grids that rival first world countries – infrastructure supporting a well-established industrial, commercial and residential complex.